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What is sag?

Suspension sag is the amount motorcycle suspension compresses.

Why should I set my sag?

You should set your sag because you want to get the most out of your motorcycle. Suspension is designed to work best within a certain range. This range is typically 30% of the total suspension travel. If your motorcycle has too much sag or too little sag, the suspension isn’t within the range where it was designed to work properly

What is the difference between static sag and race sag?

Static sag is the amount the suspension compresses under the weight of only the motorcycle. Race sag is how much the suspension compresses with the rider wearing the gear they will commonly be riding in on the motorcycle.

How do I set my sag?

Sag is adjusted utilizing the preload adjusters on the shock and the fork. On most machines this is the large anodized nut on the top of the forks, and the collar above the spring on the rear shock. A spanner is sometimes required for the shock (or a hammer and a brass punch, for you heathens).

What the hell is the advanced calculator?

The advanced calculator accounts for stiction of the suspension. To get the high measurement, lift the motorcycle up then let the suspension fall. To get the low measurement, push the motorcycle down and let the suspension rise.